Carry That Weight

Today was session #8 of personal training.  I had another great workout week, and my legs are still feeling great.  It took a little time (and some nasty shin splints), but I think the new shoes and insoles are finally doing their job.  I’m also continuing to see a ton of progress in my exercise and I’m feeling stronger every time I go to the gym.  In week #2, K. had me do inch worms – an exercise designed solely to allow personal trainers to torture and scare their new trainees.  The first time I did them, I pretty much wanted to fall on the floor and cry, and could barely get through 2 sets of 8.  I had to take serious breaks in between each one, and never thought I’d get through them.  Today I did 3 sets of 8, and was amazed at how much better I was at them!  Obviously I’m getting a lot stronger and more limber, but it’s also easier because I’m having to push a little less weight up from the ground.

This week’s weigh-in results are that I’m down 3 pounds for the week, 12 pounds total overall.  Woo!  After my weigh-in, K. had me carry around a 12 pound weight.  It’s a pretty powerful exercise to just walk around with it, much less hop on the treadmill or elliptical with it, jump with it, perhaps carry it up a few flights of stairs. I know I’ve said before how I can’t believe how out of control I let my weight get, but this really hit home.  I can’t believe I was doing that to myself for so long!  Think of things that weigh 12 pounds – a gallon and a half of milk; 48 sticks of butter; a bowling ball; a small dog; my friend’s 7 month old baby – and imagine carrying those around all the time.  I remember weighing my work bag once when I had my laptop, a pair of dress shoes, a sweater, some folders, a book and my lunch packed in it, and that was close to 14 pounds.  So I was essentially walking around with that all the time.  Mind blowing revelation.

My diet is getting a little more strict as we go along, but that’s okay with me because it’s totally worth it, and I’ll be able to relax it a bit again once I’m done losing and on maintenance, which should hopefully be sometime next year.  It’s possible that, by then, I won’t even want to re-introduce some of the unhealthy stuff.  And things are gradually getting phased out, so it hasn’t been too hard adjusting to these changes.  The only tricky part for me this week will be eating on the road.  We’re headed to Ohio this weekend to scope out wedding venues, and I’m already stressing out about eating.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to pack a little cooler full of healthy snacks.  Typically when we go on road trips together, or even when I take long drives solo, we’ll load up on junk food at a turnpike travel plaza.  That much, I can control.  What I’m really worried about is eating out.  I think we’ll have 2 meals out, so I’m trying to find places that have healthy menu options.  This is kind of tough because when I still lived in my hometown, I didn’t have a clue about healthy eating, and thus, never looked for that in a restaurant, so I’m doing a little online research.  My parents are making brunch for us on Sunday, so I’ve already armed my mom with a bunch of tips and things that I need to avoid.  I think pre-planning in situations like this is key.  I even made sure I booked us a hotel with a gym and a pool so I could still stick with my exercise schedule, even while out of town.  Can’t get off track just because we’re finding a wedding venue.

Title Track: Carry That Weight by the Beatles

If you’re curious, here’s what 10 pounds less of me looks like

4 thoughts on “Carry That Weight

  1. I had to skip my workout today because of an injury and reading your post makes me feel like I missed out! Also reminds me of the time I was packing up and moving across the country via plane and had to carry 125lbs of luggage to the airport, kept thinking of it as carrying around my body weight.


  2. Oh geez, I don't think I could lift my body weight. Though there is a girl at my gym who has lost 140 pounds – that's an entire person! Hope your injury heals soon.


  3. It is exciting to read that you are feeling stronger, seeing improvement, and have hit 12 pounds lost! Awesome!

    I hope your diet is not so restrictive that you don't get to indulge from time to time though 🙂

    I stress big time about traveling and eating. What really helped last time was me bringing my scale to still weigh in every morning. A lot of people think that is messed up, but I came home (from visiting family!) weighing the same as when I left, which is a HUGE (ha ha) deal for me.

    Have fun this weekend!


  4. Ooh, taking the scale is a good idea! We're only going to be gone for a couple days, so I think I'll be okay, but I'm definitely doing that for longer trips!

    I do get to indulge occasionally, and definitely have over the past few months. My diet doesn't feel too restrictive since it's getting healthier in phases, but I do miss some “bad” foods sometimes. Today, for example, someone brought a bunch of cupcakes and fried foods to my office, and I was initially a little bummed that I couldn't have any.


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