Shouldn’t I Be Enjoying This?

In a strange way, I'm kind of glad that I had to rest last week.  I mean being in pain sucks, but it did force me to take a step back and really think about my running.  And frankly, running and I weren't on the best of terms.Speaking of lacklusterSomehow in the 18 months or … Continue reading Shouldn’t I Be Enjoying This?

2013 St. Michael’s Oktoberfest 5k Recap

... or, The WRCE Runs a Race Together!Is there a better race for the Wurst Running Club Ever to debut our fancy new shirts and run together than an Oktoberfest 5k?  I don't think so.Photo from PetePhoto from the race Facebook pageGoing into this 5k, I was definitely not planning to PR, since actually getting … Continue reading 2013 St. Michael’s Oktoberfest 5k Recap