2016 Frosty Footrace 5k Race Recap

Yesterday was the Frosty Footrace 5k, which was: 1) my first race since November 2014, 2) my first 5k since August of that year, and 3) my first time running my new hometown race!Sometime around Christmas or so, we got the¬†Round Lake Area Park District¬†winter catalog in the mail and it had the Frosty Footrace … Continue reading 2016 Frosty Footrace 5k Race Recap

learning to dog

As of last month, things with our new rescue dog, Heidi, were on pretty shaky ground. To put it simply, she seemed a little wary of us, and didn't seem to know how to dog. At the end of my last post about her I mentioned that she may have some health problems that need … Continue reading learning to dog