You win some, you lose some

So remember a few weeks back when I said I was interviewing for a new job at my company? I found out this morning that they decided to go with someone else. Not the end of the world, but still pretty disappointing. My career is one area of my life where I've been extremely confident … Continue reading You win some, you lose some

I don’t need to earn my dinner

Yesterday after work I took a group fitness class at a new studio that's opening up a few minutes away from my office. It was a tough and intense workout that I really enjoyed. I took the class with a work friend, which was a lot of fun and also brought out my competitive nature, … Continue reading I don’t need to earn my dinner


We have a bit of a bee problem. Yes, bees. One day last week we noticed one bee buzzing around our blinds. Okay, NBD. Terry hit it with the fly swatter and neither of us gave it a second thought. Until another bee appeared. And another. And... you know where this is going. By Friday, … Continue reading Buzzed


Well, I was definitely happy to report that my blogging mojo has returned after a very long slump. But unfortunately that doesn't mean I actually have time to blog! For the first time this year - seriously, all of 2016 - work finally slowed down. For about a minute. Sigh. I kid, I had a … Continue reading Swamped


Ever since "the incident" that took down my old blog earlier this week, my mind has been racing with ideas for different things to write about. Apparently a faked-death and real, actual fresh start (not just a rename, but a move to a completely different domain, etc.) was just what I needed to get my … Continue reading Takeaways