Race Recap: Cory’s Full Moon Run

In short: this is probably the most I've ever enjoyed running a 5k. I've had this race on my calendar since about March, when Kim put it there. Even with that much notice, and even with a 4 week training schedule that I put together for myself, do you think I actually trained for this … Continue reading Race Recap: Cory’s Full Moon Run

I love to bake… vegan chocolate cupcakes 

Do you have a go-to chocolate cupcake recipe? Everyone should, probably. Unfortunately I didn't until last fall, when Terry and I were having a double date with Kim and her husband (maybe our first, after moving only a few miles away from them) that I think involved dinner out, followed by dessert and a movie … Continue reading I love to bake… vegan chocolate cupcakes 

The Why

Next month marks 5 years since I started down the road to a healthier me, having signed up to work with a personal trainer. Working with Katy changed my life because she totally transformed my ideas about health, fitness, food, and, most importantly, what I'm capable of. During those 5 years, my reasons for working … Continue reading The Why