Blogging for dummies 

Maybe it's because I've had a couple glasses of wine (yay much-needed weekend relaxation!), or maybe it's part of my mid-30s attitude shift of (finally) not caring what anyone thinks of me, but I'm going to be candid with you here. I've been seeing a lot of blog posts about blogging lately. What should I … Continue reading Blogging for dummies¬†

Rock & roll

One of my favorite pastimes for the last two decades (almost) has been going to concerts. My first show was Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) in 1998. With my dad. My favorite memory of that show was all of the kids around us offering us joints and my dad declining and offering … Continue reading Rock & roll

Yo yo

Long before I started this blog (and its predecessor), around 2010-2011, I co-authored a style blog with a girlfriend who lives in NYC. I wrote a post on that blog talking about my weight in a semi-public forum for the very first time. And I've been writing about it ever since. That post talked about … Continue reading Yo yo


I didn't really set out with a specific goal of losing weight this year, but as of today I'm down 10.6 pounds since the holidays! Woo! About a month ago I said that my main goal right now was to work on my running endurance. When I wrote that, I hadn't really been running much, … Continue reading Ten