2017 Glass City Marathon 5k Recap

The quick recap: I ran a 5k in my hometown for the second year in a row. Going into the race I was extremely confident that I could PR. And I did! By over a minute! As I said in my recap, I was pretty sure I could have gotten a PR at the Shamrock Shuffle … Continue reading 2017 Glass City Marathon 5k Recap

2017 Shamrock Shuffle 8k Recap

I ran my fourth Shamrock Shuffle 8k in downtown Chicago yesterday (priors being 2013, 2014 and 2016). Just as with last year, I wasn't initially planning to do this race when I thought about 2017 races. And just as with last year, my friend Jessie convinced me to join her and her mom in downtown … Continue reading 2017 Shamrock Shuffle 8k Recap