GCM training week 16

Race week finally came! And went! When I started this training cycle at the beginning of the year (January 1st to be exact) it felt like my April 22nd race would never get here.

Week 16: April 16-22
Miles run this week:  18.4

Time spent working out this week: 
 4hr 52min

Miles run this cycle: 301.1 (288 excluding the race itself)
Time spent working out this cycle: 
73hr 4min (70hr 54min excluding the race)

Monday:  Rest/travel
Tuesday:  30 minute strength
Wednesday:  3.2 miles, easy (36:47 / avg pace 11:29)
Thursday: Walk 30 minutes
Friday: 2 miles, easy (23:52 / avg pace 11:54)
Saturday: Rest
Glass City Half Marathon!!!! (2:50:46 / avg pace 13:02)

What went well:

The race itself was pretty awesome. I’m working on a recap but am also annoyingly busy with work, kind of feeling sick/run down, and just need some time to put my thoughts into words.


Race day sunrise

What challenged me:

Not running much this week, especially after how high my weekly mileage was getting, was REALLY weird. Not a fan. I honestly had a hard time trusting the taper and the process altogether, and was worried that my legs would suddenly not be up for the HM distance on Sunday. But of course they were good and fresh on Sunday morning, just as they should have been. But taper madness is real. I get it.

On top of that, recovering from the trip to California was actually pretty rough. We got home at 10pm on Monday and I did take Tuesday off to rest, but it took until about Saturday to feel somewhat normal again. Long flights + busy days + 3 hour time change all wreaked havoc on us. We had barely adjusted to the Pacific time zone after 4 nights out there, but readjusting to Eastern time was terrible (definitely worse than traveling between the west coast and Chicago used to be). It was hard to get to sleep before midnight for the first few nights we were home, so I was definitely running on a sleep deficit for most of the week. Buuuuut I hate to complain too much about having spent a few days having fun with great people in a beautiful part of the country.


Leaving my heart in San Francisco on Monday

Overall thoughts:

Since this is my last training recap for a while, I’d like to say that I hope reading these was even partially as enjoyable as putting them together was for me. I’m happy that I’ve been logging this whole process so I can look back on it during (hopefully) future training cycles.


Heidi took a while to recover from vacation too

4 thoughts on “GCM training week 16

    • Thank you for following along, Shelley! 🙂 This was such an awesome training plan, I’m definitely happy to be able to reference it in future races.


  1. Aww, I am sad… you are implying this is your last training recap for a while? 😉

    I hate that part of tapering too. It makes me feel super funky not to be doing my normal mileage and workouts. Makes me MOODY. But, that is what we need to feel fresh on race day!

    I can imagine the trip recovery taking that long! Makes me think of the fog we were in for about a week, coming back from AK!


    • Yes, I know, it IS sad. Now all of the many, MANY devoted training recap fans can do what my URL says and stop reading my blog 😉

      Speaking of fogs, I kept reading “AK” and thinking “When did you go to Arkansas and why did it take so long to recover?” LOL, got my state abbreviations a bit mixed up! I bet that was a tough adjustment too!


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