Things don’t suck (finally!)

I think I can finally, and safely, breathe a sigh of relief that things have calmed down and stopped being so darn chaotic. Don’t get me wrong, with a move to a new city looming in a few weeks, there’s still a lot of changes happening and work to be done. But having just moved long-distance less than a year ago, it’s not the huge thing it could be.

A lot of good stuff has happened since my last post, which has me back to my usual optimistic disposition. The very next day I did something I’ve been wanting to do for years – bought a brand new car! AHHH! While still in college I started leasing, and eventually bought, a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta (RIP, Greta Von Jetta). Since shipping the Jetta off to Ohio to live with my parents in 2010, I either didn’t have a car at all (thank you, public transit in Chicago!),  leased a car or, most recently shared a car with T. When the lease on my super basic tiny Hyundai ended last summer, T and I decided we could downsize to one car. At that time we were both working from home, so two cars were definitely not necessary. But knowing he would be starting a job 2 hours away soon, and we’d be living in separate cities for over a month, we knew we had to break down and get a second car again. I’m super excited to call this 2018 Subaru Legacy mine. I’m also kind of amazed by how fancy cars are these days (a google assistant who does my texting and plays my music for me?! okay!) and how much of that stuff is standard. I still remember haggling to get the salesperson to throw in a CD player when I got the Jetta (otherwise it was just a cassette player – ha!) and this time around, the salesperson pointed out the CD player “just in case I still listen to them.”


Um so yeah, back to that other point above – Terry and I are living in separate cities for the time being. That actually does kind of suck, but we know it’s temporary and gets us to a much better place in the end. Terry started his new job on May 14th and we’ll be moving into a lovely townhouse on Columbus’ north side on June 16th. So each week he leaves at 6am on Monday and comes home after work on Friday. I know that once you live with someone long enough, a little “me time” here and there doesn’t sound terrible. But let me tell you friends, it’s not all luxurious baths, mani-pedis and self-care here. Single dog-momming has been a lot of work, especially during the first week when Heidi insisted on waking up to anxiously circle the bed looking for Terry EVERY.NIGHT at around midnight (I go to bed between 10-11). I’m not hiding him under the bed, I swear!


Okay, I did take one luxurious bath with a locally made, vegan bath bomb

Add to that the fact that I’m working on my biggest project ever at work (btw I got promoted a couple months ago, so my title now has “senior” in it) for the next few weeks while trying to pack the house up (just 3 months after we moved into our current place) and I’ve been pretty damn busy. And tired. But such is life, and again, things will slow down in a few more weeks.

In the meantime, I have had a little time for fun here and there. Right before Terry started his new job Kim and Steven came to visit for the weekend! It was so much fun to eat our way through Cleveland together, and Kim recapped it so thoroughly over at her blog a couple weeks ago that I won’t bother. But I’ll just say that, in the almost-year we’ve lived here, this was the most fun weekend we’ve had. So obviously we had to import friends from Illinois.


Kim and Steven dropped in, but not quite as literally as this guy above

I’ve also been keeping up with my running, a month post-HM. Squeezing it in with everything else going on is challenging at times, but I’m so used to running 4 days/week from training that I just find a way to do it so I can stay in the routine. The weather has been cycling between cold, damp spring and way too f*cking hot summer, so I’m especially happy that I’ve stuck with it during weather I would normally not want to run in (mostly the latter… and man, the humidity lately UGH). I’m going to finish May with around 70-75 miles. I’m thrilled that my once monthly PDR is now just an average month for me. Stick with it, summer-hating Anne! Fall Anne will thank you!!!


I got to run with Kim TWICE while she and Steven visited!

In the last week Terry and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and I had a birthday. We cooked up awesome dinners both nights Terry was home over the weekend, and we went up to Cleveland for a lunch date at a restaurant recommended by Michael Symon (I love his food and his laugh so I’m happy he didn’t steer us wrong!).


Mmmmm, you look so tasty, anniversary-birthday flowers

Since my birthday was on Monday, when Terry was already back in Columbus, I enlisted my bestie and only local friend, Jessie, to go out and gorge with me (#healthyliving as always). We went to a brewery and pizza place and OMG was everything amazing. We each got flights of 6 beers and this was honestly the first brewery I’ve been at where I couldn’t narrow it down to just 6! Usually I get stuck drinking one or two that aren’t even the type I’d get, but they had so many fruit, wit and weiss beers to choose from. Then we ate our weight in pizza because Mondays are BOGO and they, again, had so many chocise we couldn’t narrow it down to less than 4.


The pizzas on the left are poutine and a breakfast pizza with eggs, sausage and gravy. Really they had me at gravy. On the right is pulled pork/salami and meatball.

After dinner we went out for ice cream too, since I’m a big kid on my birthday. Having been out of the house for a few hours at that point I was feeling the pangs of some serious #dogmomguilt. So when the ice cream shop had white chocolate covered milkbones, I knew I had to get some for Heidi. We saw that the shop gives away a $10 gift card each week, and all you have to do to enter is post a selfie and tag them on Instagram. So naturally Heidi posted and won (if you didn’t already know she’s an IG star, now you do). Heidi is excited to enjoy $10 worth of fancy milkbones. Joke’s on her, I’ll probably get some ice cream with some of that (photo credit means I get some of the prize, right?).


Terry is going out of town to a music festival with his brother and some friends this weekend, so Heidi and I are off to Toledo to visit my parents for a couple days tomorrow. Hope everyone has a nice, long holiday weekend!

3 thoughts on “Things don’t suck (finally!)

  1. I’m so happy for you that things are turning around, finally! The only sucky part still to come sounds like packing, UGH UGH UGH. Having just done that, I feel for you. It’ll be over soon and hopefully Kim and Steven will come out to explore and eat your way through a new city!

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    • Thankfully after so many moves over the years (too many) I’m a pro at packing. I really wish I wasn’t 🙂

      Yes, I hope they do come visit! I’m going to have to test out places in Columbus to find the best donuts for them. POOR ME.


  2. Yay for things turning! Congrats on your new car!!! That is such an awesome feeling. I hope it has that feeling for a long time!!!

    And yay for Terry finding work and all the celebrations. Has Heidi been doing better at night? I forgot to ask this week. I hope so. I know you joke about the single dog momming, but seriously, it’s a lot to take care of when you’re alone. (I’ve been doing most of Data’s poop control/clean up and it’s making me bonkers!)

    And congrats on your promotion! Man! So many good things!

    We are looking forward to visiting Columbus! We had a great time visiting there!


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