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I didn’t forget about this blog, if you, my few readers/friends/people who don’t clean up their blog feed readers often, were wondering. I’m not even sure when the last time I posted on here was, which means it’s been a longass time.

I’m always amazed at people I know who continually post on their blogs, year after year. I wish I had that kind of continuity, but I seem to go in spurts and lose motivation/time/interest periodically.

The last time I was blogging super regularly was to log my training for a goal half marathon in April of 2018. But that just hid my real reason for needing this blog at that time – the need for connection. At the time I was in the midst of one of the worst years of my life, miserable and feeling alone in a new city that I absolutely hated. It should come as no surprise that once my scenery changed and I started finding people to interact with in my day to day life, blogging went on the back burner, as it has many times in the past.

But I always come back. Life isn’t miserable and lonely this time, don’t worry. In fact, things are pretty good, and I’m feeling the best and most hopeful that I’ve felt maybe since I was right out of college. But I miss writing for fun (the sales proposals I draft in my day job are anything but fun) and have stuff swirling around that I’d like to write about and share, even if only for the opportunity for my future self to look back at someday.

So, in short, hello, old friends.

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  1. HI!!! Glad to see you here – and I think the reason you are pulled toward blogging a little more often now is the same reason I’ve kept my blog going – writing. It’s writing for your sake, you can say whatever you want, you can write whatever you want without being graded or having to present it to the boss…you are the boss here. Welcome back. 🙂

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